Women Who Say They "Peaked In High School" Are Sharing Their Pics For The "Glow-Down" Challenge

If you've never heard of the "glow-down" challenge, you're certainly not alone. But it appears the challenge, which originated on TikTok, is here to stay.

It involves women who believe they "peaked in high school," posting before and after photos of themselves to demonstrate how dramatically they've changed.

Of course, it's worth stating that the definition of "peak beauty" is different for everyone, and physical appearance is far from the most critical thing in life. However, that being said, we applaud these women for their sense of humor and willingness to put themselves out there.

Can we really peak as early as high school, though? William Klemm, Ph.D., says it certainly shouldn't be that way.

The senior professor of neuroscience says that our culture is far too youth-obsessed. "We are all going to get old, assuming we don't die first," Klemm says.

"Our friends, relatives, and loved ones are or will get old. As baby boomers retire, older people are coming to dominate the population."

"Modern medicine and the wide pursuit of healthier living styles have enabled many older people to live longer and remain vigorous and productive in their old age. Yet in many Western countries, we shun, neglect, and sometimes abuse the old."

In some ways, it makes sense that we fear getting old. We are naturally afraid of becoming lonely and sick.

"Time becomes precious, because it is running out. You therefore spend it more wisely. You don't waste time on harmful emotions or personal animosities," Klemm says.

So, who cares if you were better looking in high school than you are today?

With good health, aging can be a blessing!

So, in a way, these ladies embracing their age on social media is quite a mature and confident thing to do.

You go ladies!